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Episode 919 - Healing Gardens  Watch Video

Healing Gardens Healing Gardens
Healing Gardens
Healing Gardens

Throughout history gardens have served as a place of healing and hope. Landscape artist Topher Delaney shows us the unique connection between the cycles of life and plants through healing gardens. One of Delaney’s most prized gardens is the “Blue Garden” where her planted creation honors the life of fallen Bayview Police Officer Isaac Espinoza. 

California Heartland’s Rob Stewart meets Delaney at her well-known studio in San Francisco called, Seam Studio.

Here she shows her stunning designs and is captured in the middle of creating. Rob goes on a ‘rebuild journey’ with Delaney at the Bayview Police Department. Isaac’ Espinoza’s wife and daughter will join recruits and Delaney as they spruce up and replant the “Blue Garden.”

Delaney believes gardens force people to get up and get active – one of the best ways to heal. Delaney is also designing the first of its kind Medicinal Garden at the UCSF Medical Center.


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