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Episode 918 - The Orchid Wrangler  Watch Video

The Orchid Wrangler The Orchid Wrangler
The Orchid Wrangler
The Orchid Wrangler

In the early 90s, David Stanley was between jobs – and searching for a fulfilling life and career. Little did he know that an offer to take care of a friend’s home to make some extra cash would set his future in bloom! 

David found a dying orchid in his friend’s house, took it home, studied how to save the plant and brought the orchid (and his own career) back to life. Fast forward to David’s whole new life! Today David is the owner of The Orchid Wrangler – voted L.A.’s top florist of 2007! He also has a best selling DVD called “Orchid Secrets Made Simple,” teaching growing techniques and secrets of success to orchid enthusiasts.

The Orchid Wrangler

California Heartland Video Extra
Get one on one with the Orchid Wrangler himself and learn how to dress up and maintain your very own orchid plant.

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David buys all of his orchids from California growers. Owners Dennis and Laura Keany spend their days working in four acres of massive greenhouses filled with exotic orchids. They took up orchids as a hobby and when their home began to overflow they decided to take the plunge and attempt growing orchids commercially. 

Dennis was a blooming success and found a way to get the biggest bang for his buck and lengthen the blooming season of his California orchids – by growing them slowly. 

California Heartland’s Stephanie O’Neill meets Stanley and the Keanys to learn more about this love for orchids.

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The Orchid Wrangler

South Coast Orchids


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