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Episode 917 - Rising From the Ashes  Watch Video

Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes
Rising From the Ashes
Rising From the Ashes

San Diego is best known for its 70 miles of beaches and famous for its perfect climate enjoyed by visitors as well as by the region’s 6,000 farmers who produce more than 200 different types of agricultural commodities. Producing that variety takes a lot of planning in order to take full advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer. But when Mother Nature throws a curve ball in the form of a natural disaster, farmers often suffer a double dose of devastation, losing not only where the live but also the work they love.

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Hear the story of how Dan and Enedina Lammers first met and how her beautiful voice brought her a singing career.

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California Heartland’s Jennifer Quinonez meets Daniel and Enedina Lammers, exotic fruit growers in Ramona, California. The couple is figuring out how to come back from devastating loss following wildfires which took their home, their animals, trees, and the entire infrastructure for their agricultural operation. We’ll visit them and see the growth, rebirth, rebuilding and hear about lessons learned.


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