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Episode 916 - Organics To Go  Watch Video

Organics To Go Organics To Go
Organics To Go
Organics To Go

California Heartland’s Jennifer Quinonez meets Jimmy Williams, a man who started a business in Los Angeles selling organic plants, unusual herbs and vegetables. The most unique part about his job is installing edible gardens in people’s yards. 

His exclusive Goose Creek heirloom tomatoes comes from seeds that his great-grandmother brought over from Africa. 

Jimmy’s son works with him 3 days a week (at all the farmer’s markets). Another interesting part of Jimmy’s job is Jimmy grows his plants in the backyard of his home, which is a small Hollywood bungalow. Jimmy plants in stages and in every single available space- even on top of his garage.

Jimmy loves what he does, even though it started as just a mere hobby. 



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