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Episode 909 - Saddle Pals  Watch Video

Saddle Pals Saddle Pals
Saddle Pals
Saddle Pals

Many California horse owners are donating their beloved horses to a higher purpose, the Saddle Pals program. Some of these horses need a new place to call home, for other horses it’s a new mission and drive. Saddle Pals provides therapy for Cerebral Palsy patients. 

The Saddle Pals volunteers take donated horses from across the state, care for the horses; provide therapy for clients and their families. Saddle Pals is also searching for a permanent home, as many of their former barn sites (also donated) have been sold due to the economy and rising growth in the program. There are more than 60 people on the waiting list, with 40 registered clients.

Monica Pino donated her former champion horse to the program. She says the horse was depressed and needed a new focus. Monica donated the horse, and says the horse is thriving in the program because it has a chance to help others.



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