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Episode 902 - Walking For Wine   

Walking for Wine
Walking for Wine
Walking for Wine

Leave the car behind—this week’s Ag Traveler Melanie Kim tours Napa wineries and markets by foot!

We all know Napa is wine country – but if  you’ve been there – you know it’s also country known for lots of driving as you navigate from one winery to the next. With the price of gas what it is, why not walk your way through, while wine tasting? Downtown Napa used to be the place tourists drove through on their way to what locals call “Up Valley”. Now, the 15 square-block area has undergone a transformation adding spots both locals and tourists love to frequent and all by foot.

Melanie starts her day planning at the luxurious Napa River Inn, situated within the Historic Napa Mill, then makes her way through wine country.  Follow along as she uses the Napa Wine Walk guide to help her find her way from hotel to the eats, treats to wine, along with all the activities the city has to offer, including a visit to Copia Wine and food center. 



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