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Episode 902 - Annie’s Annuals   Watch Video

Annie’s Annuals Annie’s Annuals
Annie’s Annuals
Annie’s Annuals

A whole new life sort of. Annie Hayes is the “Annie’s” in Annie’s Annuals.  Annie’s Annuals is a 15 year old Richmond- based nursery specializing in growing plants the old fashioned way – from seed,  without hot houses and without growth hormones. 

Annie’s path to this horticulture haven includes selling insurance for a large corporation, living a hippie-life in a yurt, and eventually working at the Berkeley Horticulture Nursery. Around that time, Annie’s cat helped unveil her secret to growing seeds! After planting some seeds as a backyard hobby, Jupiter walked over the plantings and Annie noticed seedlings sprouted where Jupiter had walked! If the cat had not literally “stepped in it”, the seeds wouldn't have sprouted, she would have been discouraged and moved on to something else. Thus was born her secret of “tamping down the soil.”

From there Annie’s own nursery business sprouted into one of the most successful annual growers on the West coast. We visit Annie and her nursery in Richmond to learn about her life and garden success.



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