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  Season 8 - Episode 812
  Ling Lings
The Mau family came to the United States from Taiwan and opened several very successful Bay Area restaurants. Then they went one step further and built an empire based on an Asian-inspired appetizer: the dumpling.
  Fat Cat Scones
What do you get when you mix flour, sugar, butter, and milk with fresh California fruits and nuts? The answer: a tasty treat that's changing the way people feel about scones.
  Egyptian Foods
Californians are proud of their role as the "breadbasket to the world", but one northern African country has the Golden State beat when it comes to early innovations in agriculture. Baba Ghanoush Recipe.
  Camel Dairy
We believe we've found the only working camel dairy in the United States. It's in San Diego County, and the milk from this dromedary dairy isn't for human consumption, but for human cleanliness.
  Today's Tamales
The people at Today's Tamales say their mission is to combine the nutritional wisdom of the ancient Aztecs with the demands of the modern world. We paid a visit to their factory in Chico to see just what makes their tamales so special.
  Spice Hunter
One of our favorite locales is the city of San Luis Obispo. Pat McConahay hit the road to that part of the Golden State recently to go hunting. Her mission, as she chose to accept it, was to discover the world of the Spice Hunter. Grilled Fish with Mango Salsa Recipe.
  Obra Verde
Next up, we stay in San Diego County for another crop that is as colorful as the Polito Family's citrus. These gorgeous flowers grow in some unique locales.
  Native American Farming
Native American hunters and gatherers found an early home in California and discovered the state's bountiful natural resources.






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