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  Season 8 - Episode 807
  Nugget Market
We're taking a focused look at what we eat and the role nutrition plays in our lives. Since most of our nutrition decisions begin at the grocery store, we'll be kicking off our show with stop at the brand new Nugget Market in West Sacramento.
  Obese Kids
Childhood obesity is on the rise, leading to a number of medical problems. Pat McConahay takes a look at this growing phenomenon, as a well as a unique school lunch program designed to encourage healthy, low-fat eating.
For years we've known nuts are full of healthy protein, but walnuts offer something more. We'll show you why walnuts are being touted as way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  Salmon Sensation
Allison Lund has come across one of the best salmon recipes we've tasted yet and on top of being delicious we'll discuss its proven health benefits.
Pepper Crusted Salmon with Summer Fruit Salsa Recipe, Pacific Ocean Salmon with Fresh Vegetables Recipe.
  Nutrition Confusion
If you keep current with news reports you've probably discovered some mixed messages. It often seems like what's good for you this week was bad for you last. The Heartland staff attempts to clear up part of the controversy over what's healthy to eat.
  Pork Profile
Pork is not only versatile, but it also is becoming leaner and therefore a healthier meat alternative. Heartland visits with a Sacramento County pig farmer and a nutritionist to find out why eating pork no longer makes you a "porker." Marinated Pork Tenderloin Recipe.
  Earthbound Farm
Pat spent the day at Earthbound Farm and discovered why it's the largest organic produce farming operation in all of North America.
They may be small in size, but they're big in flavor. What are they? Blueberries! And Allison found a farm where they've been growing these sweet treats for over fifty years. Now that we know where to find the blueberries, why not whip up a delicious blueberry pie? We have a recipe that's guaranteed to delight. Blueberry Pie Recipe.


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