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  Season 8 - Episode 803
We're coming to you from the PAWS ranch in the town of Galt near Sacramento. "PAWS" stands for "Performing Animal Welfare Society" and we'll take you inside their new facility located in the Sierra Foothills.
  Miniature Donkeys
They're cute, cuddly and utterly irresistible. More and more people are discovering the magic of miniature donkeys. Pat McConahay introduces you to a woman who says her herd of tiny equines has changed her life.
  Goats R Us
With more than four thousand "kids" under her care Terri Oyarzun might be one of the busiest moms around. We'll show you how her business of using goats to clear overgrown brush has truly become a family affair.
  Sheep Dog School
It's a ranch that's slightly different than what you might imagine, you might even say its gone to the dogs. "Drummond Ranch" is a mecca for dog owners who want to unlock their pet's inner herder, and as it happens "herding" is the country's fastest growing dog sport.
  Border Collies: Update
Perhaps you've seen that bumper sticker, the one that says, "My Border Collie Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student"? As we'll show you, the statement might not be that far from the truth.
  Miniature Horses
They're probably the cutest animals you'll ever see: short and sweet miniature horses. Find out where they come from, how they got to be so small, and where you can see them up close.
  Abandoned Animals
This week we profiled animal lover, Lynne Tingle. Lynne used to spend her days advising customers about interior design at the trendy Berkeley store, The Gardener. But after ten years in the retail business Lynne decided animals were her true passion and in 1994 left city life and established the Milo Foundation, a no-kill animal sanctuary, in rural Mendocino County.


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